maravilhasticas - artes decorativas

venho apresentar-vos alguns dos meus trabalhos e ensaios ao longo do blogue maravilhástico!

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Bem-vindos (as)!
Welcome :D

terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2007


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Gledwood disse...

Hi those are very entertaining looking little urchins!! Hi I found you quite by accident, pressing that "next blog" button at the top. I do a blog too. It is called gledwood2.blogspot it's v. different from yours though -- more my kind of secret diary. You're welcome to drop by if you like. You can have a poke through my inner confessions online..! See you there, maybe ... Anyway !! Take it EZ and all the very best to you. Keep up the fascinating blog ...
("Gledwood vol 2")